10 Places You Need To Visit In 2017

So, new year also means new places to visit, right?
Here you can find a list of 10 places you need to visit in 2017 that aren’t completely clichés. You’ll get a new travel experience!

And that is what you want right? New year, new and different places!

Check my list below! 

1. Reykjavik, Iceland


Maybe you already now that Reykjavik can be truly expensive but it looks so damn worth it!
This city full of colorful rooftops is surely in my travel wish list for 2017.

Is there any reason not to be in yours?

2. Havana, Cuba


Havana looks like it stopped in time. And that is the reason why attracts so many people.
But behind the touristic side of Havana with all the resorts there is also a beautiful city waiting to be discovered!

Why not this year? 

3. San Francisco, USA


San Francisco is the city in USA that attracts me the most [yes, even more than New York!!]. 
The hills and the ocean side to side are something that I find quite wonderful and a must see in your life.

Make 2017 the year!

4. Marrakech, Morocco


So, Marrakech is the only city in Morocco that is on my bucket list that I haven’t visit yet! So far I’ve visited Tanger, Rabat and  Casablanca [even though I was quite young I still remember it all!].

Let’s cross our fingers that this is the year I get to visit it!

5. Algarve, Portugal


Algarve is definitely one of the cities in this list that I’ve been countless times and for me the best times to enjoy a good time here is outside of the high season.

I recommend June or September, still amazing weather and soooo less crowded!

6. Wales, United Kingdom


When I think Wales I automatically think about countryside and road trips! And why not? It’s a great idea for an amazing and different trip! 
Make 2017 the year of road trips! I know I will!

And if you are a Harry Potter fan don’t forget to visit the beach where they filmed the scene when Dobby dies. Harry Potter location and amazing beach, 2 in 1.

7. Dublin, Ireland


The capital of Ireland, Dublin, is known to be quite beautiful. Much less crowded than some other capitals in Europe it is perfect for a quick getaway and maybe another road trip? With a breath taking countryside this is surely a trip for this year.

Mine is already booked for January to kick the year pretty well. What about yours?

8. Positano, Italy


Positano is one of those places that I always said I want to go, is on my bucket list since I can remember and gosh, all the photos look gorgeous and I know I need to go there.

But my bucket list for Italy is kind of huge, so maybe a road trip? Again? Yes, I think so!

9. Monaco City, Monaco


Monaco is, after Paris, the city that comes to my mind when I think glamour and style! It’s a very small city in a very small country but I am sure it’s 100% worth the visit. 

My mother visited it when I was younger and she brought me the most amazing postcards and gifts. Definitely a city on the top of my list. Have you ever been there?

10. San Petersburg, Russia


Finally, but not last, San Petersburg is a must go at least one time in your life. The main reason that makes me want to go to San Petersburg is to watch a ballet in Mariinsky! Can’t wait to do it!


And what about you?
What are your thoughts on this places to visit in 2017? Been to any of them?
Would you choose another to travel this year?

Let me know in the comments below! 


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10 Places you need to visit in 2017

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