Top 10 things to do in Paris

1. Eiffel Tower

People might say it’s a cliché but for me is one of those clichés that are acceptable – enjoying the views from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Totally a must when visiting this city for the first time.


2. Museum D’Orsay

If you like impressionists, like me, this museum is without any doubt in your bucket list. But even if you’re not keen for this type of art, let me say that you will not be disappointed.

The museum itself is gorgeous and the paintings even more. Oh, and the view from the glass clock on the cafeteria – a view for Sacré Coeur is also a most in the city of lights.


3. Arc du Triumph

Even if you don’t go to the very top of the arch – which I advice you to [best place for a photo of the Eiffel Tower] – make sure to spend a time on this area and walk through one of the most famous avenues in the world – the Champs Elysées. 


4. Sacré-Coeur

For me this is without any doubt the most beautiful place in this city to watch the sunset. Also the interior of this cathedral is so gorgeous that would be a pity not to take a look. 


5. Tuileries Garden

This famous green chairs are perfect for reading a book in the morning or relaxing by the lake a the afternoon end. A different experience and a not so touristic one. 


6. Notre Dame

This cathedral famous by the The Hunchback of Notre Dame [the book and the movie!!] is known for the beautiful  the north rose window and the long construction story. Also – I’m obsessed with great views – a great view for photos and to watch the sunset. The time in the line will pay off.


7. Versailles

Okay, so this is outside Paris but is still worth the visit. You will just be amazed by the breath-taking palace and the amazing gardens. 

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8. The Louvre Museum

The most famous museum in France. We all know Mona Lisa and checking it in scene is a good idea but remember that the museum is so much more than just that famous piece. All the time invested in exploring this museum will pay off but sadly it won’t be enough to discover everything on the museum.


9. Bridges upon bridges

Walk on every different bridge. They are all beautiful and different from each other.
There is always a new view point from them that is waiting for you to discover it. 


10. Macaroons

And of course: macaroons. My favorite ones are from Ladurée but the ones from Angelina are also great. Try both and tell me which one is yours. 


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