10 tips to enjoy Lisbon to the fullest

Today I’m sharing with you my 10 best tips to enjoy to the fullest your visit to the sunniest capital in Europe, Lisbon.

The majority of these tips can be for any city that you visit, but for Lisbon they are a plus. Here we go.


As you may know, Lisbon is known for “the city of seven hills”, with that said is necessary to remember some things.

1. Wear comfortable shoes. I mean it. Don’t go for the “I handle this high hills pretty well…”. No. Wear tennis shoes.

2. If you are not used to be out in the sun all day: wear a good sunscreen. You’ll thank me later.

3. Water. Buy water. Sometimes it’s really hot here and when you are walking up and down in the city, drinking water is a nice idea.

Now to the things you need to do in order to have a complete Portuguese experience and to enjoy the city like a local:

4. Eat Portuguese custard tarts in Belém – the famous Pastéis de Belém. (We all ate them sometime in our life, there is no point in saying we haven’t!).

5. Eat in a Fado restaurant – you’ll have great food and great live music. Worth it. One of the things I like to do the most in the summer.

6. Go to Bairro Alto at night and enjoy the Portuguese night life. Quick tip: our night life starts around eleven/midnight.

7. Go to has many viewpoints over the city as you can. All the views are different and they are quit lovely. My favourite one to watch the sunset: from the Saint George Castle.

8. Walk everywhere. So much better than catching the metro. You’ll have the opportunity to see portuguese in outdoors bars enjoying the sun and eating some portuguse snacks. Try to do it to.

9. Enjoy our beautiful rooftop bars. Most of them have a great view and are great to watch the sunset.

And finally the one tip that will make every Portuguese smile at you:

10. Say “obrigado” instead of saying “thank you”. Everyone will understand your effort and will be happy with this simple gesture.

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