Apps every traveller should have

As a traveler there are a few apps that I always have on my iPhone when I travel. In a world more and more tecnhological  having the world in your phone is great!

The online thing that I don’t have on my iPhone, but there is also a great app for that, is maps! I love reading maps, physical maps, you know? So, yeah, that is one app that I don’t have on my phone.


1. Citymapper 

Using public transports when you are in another country and don’t know what to do, where to go? Well, this app is going to help! Promise! It’s pretty simple to use and you can get all the public transportations in the city in only an app.

Pretty useful, right?

Cost: Free

2. Travel List

When packing don’t you always have the feeling that you forgot something? Yes? Well, me too! At least until I found this amazing app that reminds you of the things that you need to pack last minute.

Perfect, right?

Cost: Free

3. Kayak

This one was one of  my major discoveries in travel apps: it combines all the sites in one (site or app). You can compare and book flights, book your accommodation, rent a car and so on. One app for all the things that would usually take 4 or 5.

Cost: Free

4. Airbnb

Nowadays, traveling is so much more than the city. At least for me. I love hotels but I also love stay in a place that reflects the spirit of the city and to stay in typical places like a boat house in Amsterdam or castle in Scotland. 

Cost: Free

5. Zomato

Want to find the best restaurants or cafes in the city that you are visiting? Or do you just like to eat in that restaurants made for tourists? For me, I always want to eat like the locals so I use Tomato to find them! The best part? Super easy to work and it’s free!!

Cost: Free

6. XE Currency

XE Currency’s excellent currency conversion is just everything you will ever need when you find yourself in need of prices and exchange rates abroad.

No more paying things in dollars without knowing how must are you paying in euros!!

Cost: Free

PS: What are the apps that really make your life easier when traveling?

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