Holidays with friends: the best destinations

I know how difficult it can be to plan a holiday break with your friends. Between university, work & all the other life stuff it can be very hard to coordinate all, pick a great place and set a date.

For me it’s pretty hard too, but I’ve come to realize that the best thing you can do is to choose such a great destination they can’t even refuse.

So I reunited a few destinations that I think are pretty amazing for being with friends.

Positano or Amalfi Coast

Every time I think about a vacation with friends I always imagine us in a pretty beach somewhere, enjoying the sun during the day and watching the stars while drinking wine during the night.

I guess that Positano is a great place for all of this, right?



Similar to Positano, Mallorca (the Spanish island) is a great place for a get away with friends.

I’m kind off obsessed with beach and the ocean (specially during the winter) so of course almost every chosen place has beach, right?

And well, Spanish food and sangria. How can that not be what you want for a trip with friends?


The capital of fashion that also has great food and great views. All that a girl can ask for, right?

Paris was one of the first places I visited with friends and it was such an amazing experience it had to be on my list of places to visit with friends.

But don’t me wrong, it’s also a great city to visit: alone, with your boyfriend/girlfriend or with your family.



Another great European capital to visit with friends for a nice and relax holidays is the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam.

It has everything you can ask for: great culture and a great night. Two in one, right?



Of course, my country had to be on this list!

Algarve is a very popular destination between Portuguese and all other people who love the sun and the endless beaches.

My favorite places in Algarve are Portimão and Lagos: great for its beach and for the night life. Be prepared to leave the bar or the club at 6 am. But it’s worth it!


What are your favorite places to visit with your friends?

What do you think?