Happy in the sun

Happy in the sun

This past weekend was dedicated to enjoy the good weather.

With that said, I went to the beach, saw the most beautiful sunset and spent some time with friends.

Since I started my internship it has been very difficult to manage my time between work, friends, classes, ballet and the daily activities like eating and sleeping. I know that I’m not the first person with a schedule like this, so I know it is possible to manage everything.

This photos were taken in a secret (but not so secret) beach in Serra da Arrábida, in Portugal. When the tide is low it is possible to see a bit of sand and the best part is that is always without anyone.


You can see the calm sea and the rocks and the clear blue water. This was taken when I tried very hard not to fall from the rocks, which I accomplished!

I promise it is even more beautiful when you are there, listening to the sound of the waves. 



And you, do you love the beach? In winter, in summer… Anytime of the year?


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