Paris: All the things you can’t miss

Paris: All the things you can’t miss

As they say, Paris is always a good idea. If you are traveling to the city of lights for the first time, this is for you: today I’m sharing all the things you can’t miss in Paris!


With so many things to see in this city it’s hard to get lost in all the things different travel guides, different people tell us. This list is the only list you need to see!


1.  Eiffel Tower



Well, I know, I know. All touristic and stuff but you absolutely have to do it even if it’s just once in your lifetime. Right?

My tips: if you want to go to the very top buy the ticket online & if you want to stay in the second floor just go by stairs and save money for later!


2. Notre Dame


This was the place were I stayed more hooked to the city. It’s breath taking, it’s inspiring and if you are a hopeless romantic like me, I’m sure this place will leave you speechless!

Don’t forget to go to the top and enjoy the amazing view over the city.

3. Louvre Museum


This one is needless to say why you should visit. Forget being able to see it all, you won’t. Just choose what you want to see and go there. Don’t forget to see Mona Lisa, at least you will be able to say you have seen it!

4. Museum d’ Orsay


My favorite museum in the city that I always visit overtime I go to Paris. For me is so worth the visit. Incredible interior and even more incredible all the art!

The best part: it’s free.

5. The Triumph Arc


One of the more famous and with reason, let me add, landmarks of the city: perfect for sunsets and for great views over the city. I promise it’s so worth it, every little cent you pay is worth it!

6. Sacre Coeur


Finally, Sacre Coeur. Seriously just google Sacre Coeur an be amazed by all the photos at sunset, at sunrise, whatever the season may be, the view is just wow!!

My tip: if you want to explore the streets of Montmart, which I’m sure you do, don’t that the Metro, walk!

If you want to see more of Paris check here my rewind to Paris & check here my top 10 things to do in Paris!

What are your favorites things to do in Paris?
Let me know in the comments below!

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