Why you should travel now

You know the feeling that you get you feel so comfortable in your daily life and don’t want to chance anything? Well, I did.

I used to feel a lot like that, but not anymore. I’m always planning trips to make, places to go, photographs to take… This restless problem after you travel for your very first time that makes you want to travel more and more is called wanderlust and everyone seems to be infected with this.

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The first time I went overseas was when I was 15 and I went to Morocco with my parents, since then I always want to go to a new place, somewhere new. The last couple years I manage to travel a bit more that what I was used to (even though I have this huge problem with airplanes) and I don’t want to stop travel.

But why you should travel right now and stop making planes?

The main reason to travel right now is: you don’t know what can happen tomorrow, with that say, today is the day you should go and travel! Even in your own country! Travel now, discover new things now!

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If you need more reasons to travel now and how traveling around the world can be good for you, check my favorite ones here:

1. Traveling is easy
Today we have huge facility in traveling. So why not taking a few weeks or months and just go? Make a plan, save money in the mean time, and go explore!

2. Traveling helps you discovering yourself
This is not that lie that you can tell to your parents when they ask you why are you traveling so much and need stay at home anymore. This is true. Traveling helps you grow, helps you to be more confident, helps you to become the best version of yourself. It is on the road that we know who we truly are!

3. Traveling also means learning
When you are traveling you are learning. You learn things like History, Geography, Sociology and of course you have the chance to learn new languages! When I travel I always try to learn a few words in that country language.

4. Traveling makes you realize how small you and your problems are
After seeing so much of the world you will still realize that you haven’t seen nothing yet! This gives you a prespective of how small you are in this huge world. But, don’t forget that you also make a huge difference in this world!

5. Traveling will get you new stories to tell
After traveling and when you are at home you will have so many great stories to tell and almost all of them will be so incredible that you will truly realize how much have you lived while traveling.

6. Traveling will make you happier
It’s not something that you say, it’s true. When you are traveling you are constantly discovering new things that you wouldn’t know if you stayed at home watching series all day or living non stop in a 9 to 5 life.

7. Traveling will make you taste great food
It’s a fact. And if just like me you love to eat, trying new things might be exactly what you need. Why eat pizza in your sofa when you can eat pizza em Rome? The flavor must be different, right?

8. Traveling makes you more social and you will learn to communicate better
Traveling will sure help you in this and you will make friends all around the world. This is a good reason enough, I guess.

PS: If you don’t think you need to travel more, that you have seen just enough, take a look at this post and change you mind.

What do you think?