Spring & Stripes

Spring & Stripes

Spring is finally here!
At least I hope so, because I’ve already changed all my wardrobe for the warmer seasons.

Today was just a regular day: work + classes. Usually my outfits are pretty normal, a shirt and jeans or a dress. Something not too formal, but also not too informal.


Something that I’ve learned in this couple years is that less is more. This is my absolute motto when I’m shopping or picking my clothes.

When I’m picking up my outfits I always try to be truthful to myself, to wear what I like and what I feel okay about. And just that, is in my opinion, what I thing that makes all the difference.

This outfit is just a stripe shirt, black jeans & a coat (in the mornings and in the evening is still pretty cold!).



I took this pictures while I was strolling in the city, in my lunch break and I went until this little park, and the light was great, it was warm and it was a couple tourists and I just wanted to be a part of that.

This little park is known as Praça da Alegria (which in English means literally Square of Joy) and it’s very calm although being in the city centre! Such a great place to read, walk your dog or just to relax. It’s your choice!






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