Strolling around the city

Strolling around the city

I just love Lisbon around this time of the year.

Every tiny little detail and colour of the city is amplified by the first sun rays of the spring.
The days are longer and inviting to stroll around the city, looking to all the beautiful things that are around and just enjoy.

Today I went to downtown Lisbon (what we call Baixa-Chiado) and seeing so many tourists enjoying and taking pictures remind me of how little time I have to appreciate my city, my hometown.

So, I took the rest of the afternoon to play tourist around. This is one of the many many snaps I took of the city, this is the Elevador de Santa Justa.


The view in the top is amazing, one of the best places to watch the sunset over the city. One of the other places is the Castelo de São Jorge and the Arco da Rua Augusta.

If you ever visit Lisbon this is definitely a must!

Hope you guys have time to be a tourist in he best place in the world, your hometown!

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