Summer Bucket List – Review

Summer Bucket List – Review

I often consider bucket lists – all kinds of lists, actually – perfect to stay organized and in this case to keep track of things that you want to do.

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This summer I made a Summer Bucket List that you can see here. In this list I only wrote 10 things I wanted to do and honestly I almost complete all of it being only two left out.

But the summer hasn’t finished yet. I still have time to do the two things that I still haven’t managed to accomplish: go to a summer festival & have a small road trip with your friends.

Making this bucket list for the summer made me actually do different things and kept me busy outside of work, because if you’re like me and you work, in my case, 6 days a week, you need to make a pause and do something different when you have a time off.

Do you have a bucket list? And if yes, have you managed to complete anything this summer? Let me know.

Now I need to make a Fall Bucket List, let’s keep focused on different and little things.

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