Tips for Saving Money [to travel]

The constant problem that every traveler faces to continue to travel and explore is how to have money to pay for the trip.

Well, with me it’s the same.

So today I’m sharing a few tips for saving money so that you don’t stop traveling! Looks great, right? This tips that I’m sharing allow me to save money every month that I put in my travel fund.

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1. Do a DIY jar for coins

I know what you are thinking, it’s just coins, it won’t get me far… Well, but a coin everyday and you will end up with coins enough. Promise.

Check here my favorite DIY jar for coins. Cute and pretty easy to make!

2. Invite friends over to your place

Instead of going out to have dinner or to have a few drinks why not staying at home and prepare a nice meal? Much cheaper!!

3. Learn how to cook

If you start to cook everyday instead of order food you will save so much money and you will also be much healthier!

Check below my favorite cooking books with great recipes! Easy to make, healthy and cheap! All you can ask for!

4. Bring your food with you to university or to work

I know, all food related suddenly but it's were we spend most of our money without even noticing it!

So take your food and just with this simple tip you'll save money by the end of the month!

5. Go to supermarket with your stomach full

It's proved that if you go to supermarket with hungry you will definitely buy everything you see and not just what you really need (because it will all look delicious) that's why this tip is great to save money! Next time you go to grocery shopping you already know what to do: eat first!

6. Stop buying new clothes every week or every month

This one is more for the girls that, like me, have a problem with buying more clothes just because "I don't have anything to wear". Well, that's not entirely true, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. So to save money stop buying new clothes all the time, there's nothing wrong  with the ones you have now.

7. Use public transportation instead of driving everywhere

Much cheaper and you'll help the environment! 

8. Eat your breakfast at home

If you really want to save stop eating your breakfast every morning in that regular place you do now. Just eat something at home. Same goes for super expensive coffees.

9. Start working out outdoors

I mean, do you really have to pay for that gym membership?

10. Stop upgrading your gadgets

That goes for your computer, your cell, your camera, well, everything you may think you need an upgrade. You don't!

11. Learn how to save while traveling

Learn how to traveling light, when it's the best time to book a flight, where you can find the best travel deals, everything that can make you save a bit of money while traveling.

12. Always think ahead when buying something

This is my last tip and one of the most important ones! When buying something always think if you really NEED that or if you just want. If you need, that's fine. But if you just want there's no absolute reason to buy!


PS: If you are not sure if you really want
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